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Topology (MATH31052)


During the next weeks your lecturers might have to go on strike to defend the USS pension scheme. I will take part in the strike action. In this leaflet you can find some information on the dispute. More detailed information can be found here (from the Leeds UCU branch), and here. If the employers do not start to negotiate, then the following toplogy lectures and tutorials will be effected by the strike: Friday 23.2, Monday 26.2, Monday 5.3, Monday 12.3, Friday 16.3.

Reading assignments during the strike

23.2., 26.2.:
Section 3, pages 3-6; problem sheet 3
Section 4: Hausdorff Spaces
12.3., 16.3.:
Section 5: Compactness, pages 3-7; problem sheets 5 and 6

Note, that all reading assignments are examinable.

Background material

Lecture notes

  1. Topological Equivalence
  2. Topological Spaces
  3. Constructing New Spaces,
  4. Hausdorff Spaces
  5. Compactness
  6. The Fundamental Group
  7. The Fundamental Group of the circle
  8. Applications


  1. Topological Equivalence, [Solutions]
    In-class problem sets: Week 1, Week 2
  2. Topological Spaces, [Solutions]
    In-class problem sets: Week 3
  3. Subspaces and Product Spaces [Solutions]
    In-class problem sets: Week 5
  4. Quotient Spaces[Solutions]
  5. Hausdorff Spaces [Solutions]
    In-class problem sets: Week 6
  6. Compactness [Solutions]
  7. The Fundamental Group [Solutions]
    In-class problem sets: Week 9
  8. The Fundamental Group of the Circle [Solutions]
    In-class problem sets: Week 10
    In-class problem sets: Week 11



The coursework has to be submitted until Friday 23 March 13:00 at the reception of the TLO.

Coursework 2018 [Solutions and Feedback]


Note, that the content of the reading assignments is examinable.

The format of the exam paper will be different from previous years. There will be only one section with six mandatory questions.

Past papers: 2013/14 [feedback], 2014/15 [feedback], 2015/16 [feedback], 2016/17 [feedback]

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